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Calibration of gems

Calibrated gems in the jewellery industry are when gems are made available in standard sizes to simplify the design process for jewellers. For example: a jeweller knows when designing a ring that will be set with white round brilliant cubic zirconias, that they are available in sizes 1 mm, 1.25…

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Moissanite is the name given to the mineral silicon carbide (SiC), discovered in nature by Henri Moissan in 1893. Although moissanite occurs naturally, it is too rare to be mined, and right from the start efforts were made by scientists to synthesize it in a lab. The mineral’s optical properties and…

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Morganite is definitely a very popular gem at the moment, especially in vintage-style rings and surrounded by smaller diamonds. It is not difficult to see the appeal of Morganite. Its soft peach to pink colour and attractive transparency really shows off nicely, especially in rose gold settings, a metal that…

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