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Marcasite jewellery

Marcasite jewellery are inexpensive, usually mass-produced silver jewellery with faceted pyrite (not actually the mineral marcasite) glued onto it. The pyrite gems are flat-bottomed so that it can easily be glued; pyrite is too brittle to set. The silver is oxidized black in places, which, together with the steel-like glint…

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Organic materials

Organics are materials derived from animal and plant sources. In jewellery, organic materials can further be classified as gem organics and non-gem organics. Examples of each are: Gem organics: Derived from animals Pearl. Ivory. Shell (mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell). Coral. Derived from plants Plants themselves are not considered durable enough to…

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An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. Jewellers often refer to the mixture of metals added to the fine metal as “the alloy”, though technically the entire mix is an alloy.  Precious metals are alloyed for various reasons: to change the colour of the metal (e.g. white…

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