The subjects that I write about here are ones that I encounter in my everyday work. When inspiration strikes, I will quickly type up a few words on my smartphone and take pictures, all to share with you once I have had more time to properly compose an article.

Subsequently, you will often see the work-stained fingers of my left hand in a picture, or the worn surface of my workbench. If you are not a jeweller yourself, I hope that you will appreciate the candid comments and insider views of the often unglamorous world of jewellery manufacturing.

Jeweller’s hands. Ring by Altin Jewellers.

The aim of these articles is to offer insight and practical advice to fellow jewellers, no matter your level of experience. If there is anything that you have always wondered about as a jewellery manufacturer, chances are that someone else has come across the same thing.

To non-jewellers, perhaps knowing what is behind the process will help you make more informed decisions when buying jewellery, or even just increase your appreciation for the time and skill it takes to manufacture beautiful pieces.

Hesti Wade