Young girl getting her ears pierced

Ear piercing

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At Altin Jewellers we have provided an ear piercing service ever since opening our retail outlet in Parkview Shopping Centre on 24 November 2012. The… Read More »Ear piercing

Sticky glue | © Sinisa Botas | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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Glue is used in jewellery manufacture to secure design elements that cannot be held or fastened with the usual methods of setting, crimping, riveting and soldering.


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Hallmarks are small letters, symbols or numbers that are added onto jewellery items. The symbols have various meanings. They indicate: the metal alloy the piece… Read More »Hallmarking

Moissanite warranty


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Moissanite is the name given to the mineral silicon carbide (SiC), discovered in nature by Henri Moissan in 1893. Although moissanite occurs naturally, it is too… Read More »Moissanite

Dirt underneath the settings in a ring

Cleaning your jewellery at home

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All jewellery eventually become worn and dull with wear. For scratched, dented and damaged surfaces you would need to take your jewellery to a professional jeweller to be reconditioned, but often a good clean is all you need to make a jewel sparkle like new.


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Morganite is definitely a very popular gem at the moment, especially in vintage-style rings and surrounded by smaller diamonds. It is not difficult to see… Read More »Morganite