About the author

This website in its entirety is published and managed by Hesti Wade.

Hesti completed her BTech degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in Pretoria, South Africa in 2007.

While completing her BTech and for a few years after, she taught jewellery theory and manufacturing to First, Second and Third year students on a part-time basis.

During this time Fetter-and-Three was born. Initially Fetter-and-Three was the name under which Hesti produced custom-made fine jewellery to clients, but in March 2013 Hesti started working full-time for Altin Jewellers, and Fetter-and-Three was put aside for a while…

In 2018 Fetter-and-Three was resurrected, but with a different aim and purpose!

The Fetter-and-Three blog pages arose from a need to write and to communicate all that there is to be learned of making jewellery for a living, hoping that the information shared will inspire and help others on their paths as jewellery designers and manufacturers.

The Fetter-and-Three online shop opened its virtual doors towards the end of 2018, and showcases jewellery designed and made by Hesti Wade.

The future…

Hesti hopes to grow the Fetter-and-Three brand by producing more inspired pieces for the Fetter-and-Three shop, and to continue writing articles that will eventually be compiled into a series of booklets and offered for sale.